The commissioner of Major League Baseball has initiated a new revenue 
enhancement policy beginning this season.  It has been a long time tradition 
that fans may keep any foul balls they catch as souvenirs.  Beginning with the 
2011 season, foul balls must be purchased before leaving Major League baseball 
parks.  They can be returned if the fans do not want to pay the cost of the 
balls, which is $9 each.  To track foul balls, an electronic chip similar to 
those planted under the skin of pets for identification purposes has been woven 
into the balls used by Major League teams.  Once paid for, the chips are 

This policy is expected to greatly increase revenue to the Major Leagues, as 5 
or more balls might be fouled off during one at bat by a skilled hitter.  
Multiply this by 162 games per team and you can see the astronomic cost to the 
American and National League teams.

The committee that worked on, and finalized this revenue enhancement sincerely 
hopes that fans will understand the reasoning behind this new policy, and teams 
are strongly encouraged to increase the number of promotional advertising 
events such as bat nights, T-Shirt day, and other such crowd drawing events to 
increase the number of fans that attend Major League baseball games during the 
2011 season.

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