Hi Ken,

Well, as far as package deals goes I'll probably eventually have
something like that in place, but I don't honestly expect everyone to
buy both. Clear back as early as 2008 I remember asking the list
weather or not they wanted me to replace Montezuma's Revenge, AKA
Montezuma's Return, with a 2d side-scroller or a 3d first-person game.
The results were pretty fairly split.

Those in favor of the idea were tired of 2d side-scrollers and I think
were looking for something a little more advanced than your average
audio game, and most were interested in seeing what a full 3d action
adventure would be like. Especially, since this would be quite a bit
more advanced than something like Sarah or Shades of Doom.

At the same time there was the other side who strongly rejected the
suggestion claiming that 3d games are too hard, too confusing, and
they wouldn't buy the game if I created it as a 3d first-person
adventure. A few were upset about the fact I had to cancel Monte in
the first place and wanted a triditional 2d side-scroller along the
lines of what they paid for. Of course, since then I've read a number
of posts were people don't like Shades of Doom etc because they walk
around, get lost, run into walls, and just can't figure it out.
Obviously, for such people a 3d first-person game wouldn't be a good

So in the end I had to make a personal decision. What I came up with
was a compromise which was to do both. I would produce a 2d
side-scroller first, release that as the official replacement for
Monte, and then go back and create a full 3d version complete with the
bells and wistles left out of the 2d side-scroller. Which version a
customer decides to buy is largely his/her choice, and I will likely
have some sort of deal running where you can buy both for a reduced

As far as your comment about it being redundant that's not necessarily
true. Both games will have essential differences that makes them two
distinctly different products, and eventually I'll be adding bonus
content etc to the 3d version that the 2d version won't have. For
instance, I might choose to add bonus levels, extra trophies, or other
content that will hopefully interest people into buying the 3d
version. Since the remainder of the Tomb Hunter series will all be 3d
first-person games this will be something of a preview of things to

I've also considered before final release in adding an arcade mode to
the 2d platformer version that will have a scoring system etc similar
to the Atari, NES, for people wanting a more classic arcade feel. This
feature would not be available in the 3d first-person version. So you
see each will have some differences that might be selling points for
some people.


On 4/1/11, The Addictor <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I don't think many people are going to buy both versions unless you have a
> package deal--say fifty bucks for both.  It seems though that to buy both
> would be a little redundant, as the rookie gamer would prefer the 2d and the
> advanced the 3d, so I guess you won't have many customers buying both,
> unless they buy the 2d, get used to that and want to take that next big
> jump...Ken Downey
> The Addictor
> www.TheAddictor.com

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