Ok, since none of you were even close to guessing how I made those sounds, I'll 
describe the sound fx and how i made them.

Sci-fi 1:

Throwing a wrench at a wall.  Slowing the clank of it down about four times, 
fading in other clanks produced in the same way.  The doppler effect produced 
in this sound is not totally artificial--it's made partially as the wrench 
bounces off the wall and goes flying through the air.  The drum is the wrench 
hitting the wall, cut and pasted to sound a bit like a heartbeat

The second sound, sci-fi 2, is purely synthetic, produced by the expression 
evaluator in Goldwave, with a bit of echo and speeding up added to the 
Sci-fi 3 is another expression evaluated synth, with pitch change occuring 
during the middle to simulate one of the strange sounds in Pink Floyd's Dark 
Side of the Moon.
Sci-fi Dentist drill is a modified version of Strange Siren, another expression 
evaluator script, which has its basis in the ceiling fan of the Heli game.  
Reverb, octave shifting and time stretch change it--but as to how real it 
sounds I still have no idea of exactly what I did, but it is purely synthetic 
and based off that sound.
Star is that faded in clank of the wrench that's featured in sci-fi1.
Ken Downey
The Addictor
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