yes, it's a joke. In America, on April 1, Americans play tricks on each other. It's called April Fools' day. Sometimes, it's little things like Jim's joke. Sometimes, a person will switch the sugar with the salt so that the other family members end up eating very salty cereal or sweetened fish, or they might put hot sauce in one's drink. Last night I about broke my son's heart when I told him we had cancelled our TV service. My daughter, who's eleven, did not fall for it--but my five-year-old did. Then, to trick both of them, I told Aria my daughter, "Tomorrow, we're gonna get some sun. It's gonna be seventy--almost hot enough to play in the hose." Then they both got very excited, as we're all tired of the cold. They even started planning to set up the swimming pool. I couldn't believe how hard Aria, who should have suspected, fell for that one. They threw a big fit when I told them, "April fools!"

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