shane, might I suggest you just register and send her a pm or forum mail yourself? If your having a registration issue let me know, but asking someone else to invite you to someone else's folder is a litle roundabout, not to say potentially dodgy.

Also, this is about the fourth e-mail from you today I've seen which takes the form "could someone do this for me?"

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but perhaps you might get a better response if you employed a litle decorum not to mention the word please.

I know I personally would be far more keen to honour someone's request if it was phrased as "I would really like to play x, can someone please help me?" than "could someone do someting?"

Not trying to be the politeness police here, but i'm afraid a long slue of such messages from someone makes them sound rather spoilt and demanding.

Could someone do this? could someone do that? could someone do the other?

See my point?

I'm certain this wasn't your intention and you just were in a hurry, but hopefully this shows the problem. Please remember that even though your communicating across the net, considderation is just as much appreciated as in real life.

Btw, this is not intended as a put down or to be unpleasant, just to try and help things on the list go a litle more smoothly and indeed help you ultimately to get your request filled.

also, I'm afraid light battles doesn't exist sinse it was never released let alone developed.

Beware the grue!


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