Hi Harmony,

I don't know who that little comment was aimed at, but let me just say
I think your opinion is based on some erronious assumption on how muds
and mud clients work. As I basically understand your opinion you
believe that because muds are constantly being updated that the mud
clients must be regularly updated as well to support these muds. The
problem with your assumption is that it is completely false. One
absolutely has nothing to do with the other. How can I say that with

Well, let's think about it. A mud is essentially a program, a
multiuser dungeon, installed on a web server. People access the game
by installing a telnet client, in this case mud clients, that log into
the game server and access the program remotely. Nothing is physically
installed to your computer accept the telnet client. So when the game,
mud, is updated it is updated on the server side and has nothing to do
with what version of mud client or telnet client software is installed
on the client's computer.

Now, we get to the mud client. Mud clients are basically just a fansy
telnet client with extra scripts, sounds, etc specifically designed
for playing muds. Although, not necessary mud clients are often
updated with scripts, sounds, etc to better support popular muds. Is
it necessary?

No. It is not. If I wanted to I could walk over to my laptop, bring up
the Linux shell environment, and type "telnet" and log into any mud of
my choice. True using a plane text telnet client like that won't be as
good as some of the fansier mud clients with scripts, sound packs, etc
but they aren't necessary to play the mud in question. All that extra
stuff is just extra stuff.  I use a mud client called Gnome Mud, and
it does what I want it to do. It doesn't have to be the latest and
greatest version to give reasonable access to a mud.


On 4/2/11, Harmony Neil <harmon...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Well someone is lacking serious common sense.

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