To my fellow gamers.
I could use some advice.
As most of you know I was using the Philips Retractable Game Controller 
model 2909.
This unit was working so so in vista and in a 32 bit processor world.
For some reason, I can not get it to work at all in the windows 7 nor in the 
world of the 64 bit processor.
Can anyone give me some advice on a USB unit that would work with TDV and if 
at all possible to also work with the hand to ear games that are out on the 
market that have USB support written into them.
I would love to be able to play the games from BSC games and the new games 
from Tom's company with a USB handheld controller. Since some of the newer 
games like tdv have force feedback written into them. So the unit would have 
to have force feedback feature written into them for realistic play as well.
In short for those using a USB controller and live here in the United 
States. What are you using, where did you pick it up at and roughly what was 
the price and could you ship a manual and or description of the layout of 
the buttons and features of the unit and hopefully it is a duel flight stick 
on the unit.
At first I couldn't get the force feedback to work on the 2909 in a 64 bit 
world, then it got to be that I couldn't turn nor do anything with the unit.
So I need some help from my fellow gamers who's playing the hand to ear 
games and the hand to ear flight simulators with a USB controller instead of 
the keyboard.
I deeply appreciate the help for all who will take the time to write me back 
on this question.
If you'd like, the address is at the bottom of this letter.
But there's other's probably asking the same question.
Many Many Thanks for all of my fellow gamers help to hopefully soon find a 
newer up to date USB unit that will work for our purposes.
Ron and Leader Dog Boz. 

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