Hi Ron,

Well, I wouldn't exactly say  you are sunk. Ive done some research
online, and according to Logitech both the F510 and F710 are suppose
to be Windows 7 64-bit compatible. A lot of the issues, according to
their information, are small setup issues.

For example, when using the controller you have to decide if you are
going to use it with DirectInput or XInput. If you do not use the
toggle switch and set it to the correct API it will absolutely not
work correctly on your system.

Second, if you want to use force feedback support there is a button
that enables/disables this feature on the unit. Make sure that this
button is activated when playing games with force feedback support.

Finally, there are technical issues that have nothing to do with the
controller, but with the game you are playing. Most modern PC games
use XInput which is the prefered API for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
However, a lot of older games are still using DirectInput. There seems
to be some issues with games that still use DirectInput, and the
recommendation from Logitech is for developers to upgrade to XInput if
this happens.

Anyway, I don't think you are out of luck. I think what you need to do
is get your hands on an F510 or F710 and make sure it gets installed
and setup properly. By properly I mean that it the switches on the
unit get properly set up for your game and test it with both an
accessible game and perhaps a demo of a mainstream game to see if it
is the controller or game at fault. Most accessible games are not
64-bit compatible and this may be the problem rather than the


On 4/8/11, Ron Kolesar <kolesar16...@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> So I'm sunk?
> I and others on this list deeply appreciate your expert recommendations on
> this problem.
> You saved me money that would have been spent on picking up the unit.
> Here's to the rest of the 64 bit pc users who's looking for something we can
> use to untie us from the keyboard so that we can start enjoying the games
> once again.
> Tom, I know you have your hands full with meeting your deadlines with your
> company.
> But Please let us know if there's A USB unit out there we could use in a win
> 7 64 bit world.
> Many Many Thanks.
> Ron who was going to try the Logitech f 510.
> Ron Kolesar
> kolesar16...@roadrunner.com

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