Hello all,
I have been trying to use the Mush-z for Alter Aeon.  I am running it on a 
Windows Seven 32bit laptop with JAWS version 12.  I am having some problems.
1.  It looks like everytime the prompt triggers I keep getting this error:
Trigger function "dprompt" not found or had a previous error.
2.  I tried to reload the scripts by hitting control + L and this is what I got:
Run-time error
Plugin: AlterAeon (called from world: alter aeon)
Immediate execution
[string "Plugin"]:688: File specification could not be matched
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'assert'
        [string "Plugin"]:688: in function 'scan_dir'
        [string "Plugin"]:709: in function 'count_files'
        [string "Plugin"]:1367: in function 'clear'
        [string "Alias: "]:3: in main chunk
Error context in script:
 684 : end
 685 : end
 686 : function scan_dir (path, f)
 687 :   -- find all files in that directory
 688*:   local t = assert (utils.readdir (path .. "\\*"))
 689 : 
 690 :   for k, v in pairs (t) do
 691 :       
 692 :     -- recurse to process subdirectory
Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?
Greg W.
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