Many of you might have heard about Alter Aeon, an online text-based
rpg game, also known as multi-user dungeon, mud in short.
AA is an epic fantasy based, multiclass mud with lots of areas,
classes, quests, gold and equipment, and a large community of both
blind and sighted players alike.
For the last three or so years I have been working on a huge sound
pack for alter aeon which works with MushClient, called mush-z. Some
of you might be asking why I chose mush-z instead of vip mud or other
blind clients. The answer is simple. Mush-z allows us to do much
easier complex scripting and in a programming language that I already
know, instead of having to learn vip mud commands. Mush-z also has an
output window, just like vip mud does; so you can review any text on
the screen. It is all explained in the readme file taht comes with
this MushClient distribution.

There are two versions of mush-z. Lite and full. The full version has
all the sounds, which is about 300mb, while the lite version doesn't
have area music or ambience, which cuts it down to 65 megs.
We have an update system,which knows the version that you have and
will notify you of any updates that are available when I post them.

Mush-z comes packaged into an uncompressed inno setup installer. I
decided to leave it uncompressed so you wouldn't get any creepy virus
warnings. If you can't download large files, or for some reason you
can't use inno setup and would rather have a zipped, portable version
of mush-z, please email me at
replacing the {at} for the @ symbol.

A note of warning. The updater program for mush-z has been written in
the AutoIt scripting language, and some virus vendors might see it as
a worm. I have provided the source to it so you can see by yourselves
it is harmless. If your antivirus reports update.exe as a worm, you
will either have to exclude it from the annalysis list, or ask for
help in game.
Here is a link to the readme file for mush-z, so you can read it while
you download the client. It's an html file that should show up in your

The links for mush-z are as follows:

Mush-z Lite (65mb)

Mush-z full (318mb)

Source for update.au3 is here, in autoit script format. This is not
needed to run mush-z.

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