So I was at a goalball tournament a few weeks ago and one of my friends brought this thing called lightning reaction. It's a pretty old novelty and some people probably already know what it is... but for those who don't... read on.

Lightning reaction isn't a computer game... it's more of a handheld thing. Not really... since it's four controllers stuck to a base via wire. Basically, the base is something that looks kinda like an upside down octopus made of silver plastic, and it has four quote unquote arms that are atatched via cords to the base. Each of those arms has a red button... and this game is up to four players. It's essentially a game to test reflexes and nerves with... turn it on, select the number of players, and then press the big green button in the centre of the base. A red light starts to flash, and it's accompanied by a whaling siren-type thing that sounds like it comes from an ambulance out of a kid's nightmare. After a random time, the light will flash green... and at that point it becomes a race to see who can press their button first. Whoever presses their button last will get shocked. Litterally. It isn't a strong shock, but it's enough of one to send a jolt up your arm.. and cause you to leap up and dance a bit. The reloaded version of the game has two modes... normal and extreme. In normal mode, only the slowest player gets shocked. Crank it up to extreme, and everyone other than the winner gets shocked. It's a great game for a party, and it can be tons of fun with friends around... I've had a blast with it... and am planning to buy one in the next day or so. Definitely something to test your reflexes with, as well as your nerve. For in addition to the creepy sound.. the timing is random. When the light flashes green, the sound also stops, giving totally blind people a cue. This isn't designed for the blind by any means... it's just something I've found to be a lot of fun and thought I should share. Either way, the timing on this game is ridiculous... it can be anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds, and waiting for that... with that whaling in the background, as well as your friends trying to startle you and make you press the button... definitely an intense experience. Hope this is useful to someone. lol. Any questions, just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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