Hi Thomas,

I lived in the first house behind the bank on Bellfield Avenue, which is off of 
Cedar Avenue just out of University Circle.  I could see Case University out my 
bedroom window and it was close to a mile walk to the Cleveland Sight Center.  
I had to be at the bus stop by 6:30 to catch the 32c Cedar bus.  I would get 
off at Taylor boulevard and wait for the Taylor bus, which would drop me off 
the other side of I90 near east a hundred and eighty fifth street at about 
7:45.  So I walk across the frozen pedestrian bridge over I90 and back up South 
Waterloo road to the company Fastener Service.  Fasteners are nuts, bolts, 
screws, washers, rivets etc.  Fastener Service bought bulk wholesale and sold 
smaller quantities to local companies.  Parts went from so small that thousands 
would fit in the palm of your hand and weigh almost nothing to a single steel 
washer that weighed a pound.Or bolts 2 foot long and an inch and a half in 
diameter.  Or a nut seven and a half inches across.  Some of those were 
specialty parts to places like NASA, Diamond Shamrock, Rockwell etc.  I did 
work my way up to warehouse foreman, but my job was still toting boxes and kegs 
of greasy, dirty steel parts around a non cooled or and barely heated warehouse 
to fill, package and ship orders.  The kegs could weigh up to two hundred and 
fifty pounds.  I was just barely legally blind due to tunnel vision, so I did 
everything including using the battery operated three wheel walk behind one ton 
rated fork lift to load and unload trucks.  It was a hot, dirty, nasty job.  
They even kept a supply of salt tablets on hand.  Good thing too as I needed 
them on occasion.  But hey from carrying all that steel around all day for 
years, I never lost an arm wrestling match back then.  Before that I worked the 
kitchen etc in my Dad's bar in Glenndale Arizona.  Not really much fun working 
a hot kitchen in Glenndale slash Phoenix Arizona either.  Before that I worked 
shipping and receiving slash plant gopher for the repair department in a nice 
cool clean electronics factory named LFE.  They produced analog meters of all 
types.  You know like the toe meters used for front end alignment in cars to 
refrigeration control meters or the UV meters in sound equipment.  At that same 
time my Dad, Brother and I built a house and sold it for profit.  Before that I 
was an external automotive reconditioning specialist.  Yep, dried cars at the 
car wash.  And at the same time bought pounds and sold ounces of pot.  Before 
that I worked on my Grandparents farm planting and harvesting fruits and 
vegetables.  That was good honest dirty hard work as well.  But great fun 
driving the farm tractors and being the boss of the high school girls picking 
strawberries.  Before that of course I had a paper route.  Ok, so now since 
December 1989 I have been learning myself how to and writing blind accessible 
PC dos and Windows games and utilities as a hobby.



A Buckeye is just a worthless nut.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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