Hi everyone,

This morning while writing down notes for my wrestling games I just
realized there might be a potential problem in the offing with some of
these wrestlers. That is that many of these guys often changed their
ring names several times throughout there career. Especially, when
changing promotions.

For instance, current "hard core legend" Mick Foley. Those of you who
watch TNA would know him as Mick Foley. That's the current name the
guy is using on screen. However, those of us, like myself, who have
been around know him by a string of past career names that include
Cactus Jack, Jack Foley, Dude Love, Mankind, Mick Foley, etc. This is
a problem for a game author like myself who can only pick one
name and move set for this person.

The problem is further compounded I think when we are dealing with
people who don't know that Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, and Mick
Foley are the same guy. I can see potential questions like, "why don't
you add Cactus Jack to the game?"

Then, I would have to reply he is in the game, but he is using a
different alias like Mick Foley. This could become quite confusing for
gamers I think. Any suggestions how to handle this?

And before someone mentions it let me just say I'm not writing a game
editor. That's too much work, too much of a pain, and the game is open
source anyway. My feeling is since it is open source, you get the
source code, it is your option to edit and recompile the game however
you want. This really negates any need for an external editor in my
personal opinion.

In either case weather or not there is an editor there has to be a way
to determine or decide which name should get used in the default
roster. My vote is simply to use the most current name used by the
wrestler, or the one directly used by the WWE. That to me makes sense
because the game would be more or less up to date as far as the
wrestler's career goes.

In some cases I realise it is a no brainer what name should get used.
For example, recently retired world heavy wait champion, Edge, had a
number of less well known names before signing onto the WWE roster in
the late 90's. Once he became a WWE wrestler Alex Copeland would
forever be known to his fans as Edge. As I said in a case like that
its a clear cut case of what name to use. However, others like Mick
Foley have had so many names over the last 20 years or so it is hard
for me to pick. Any thoughts?


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