Hi Mich,

Its actually very simple. You start by enabling joystick support.
Hopefully once you do that it will initialize and plug and play the
device you have enabling it for use with the game. Now, you go into
configure joystick and select an action you want to map. Let's assume
here you select fire weapon. You press enter on that and it will ask
you to press a button to map. You pick up your joystick and press the
button you want to map to the fire control. It will asign it to your
joystick profiler, and then take you back to the configure menu. If
that does not happen then there could be a problem with your joystick.

One common issue I've been getting from users using the F510 and F710
is they don't have the controller correctly configured for
DirectInput. Instead, sometimes the controller ships with XInput by
default, and you simply have to flip the switch on the front over to
DirectInput. Since MOTA still uses DirectInput 8 instead of XInput if
you have it set to XInput it won't work.

Another is if you just installed the device make sure to reboot before
configuring it. Sometimes it doesn't detect it right off, and you have
to try again.


On 4/22/11, Mich <mi...@eastlink.ca> wrote:
> Hi tom and all. I looked at the users guide for mota under the section about
> joysticks. I am having a bit of trouble configuring the different buttons on
> the controller. the controller is your standard button controller with the 4
> round buttons on the right side the plus sign button on the left and 4
> little buttons in the middle. and then there are the 2 different joy sticks
> that move forward and back and left and right. the problem I am having is I
> get in to the part of the menu were it says configure joystick and I say yes
> then it says press a button to draw weapon and to walk and all of that. that
> is the issue I am having problems with is how to configure these buttons for
> this. any help you can give me regarding this would be grate from Mich.

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