This message is for all those on these lists that have word press blogs.
Spaciffically for those that host these on their own servers.
Or hosted recently.
FOr the rest I apologise for the bunch of useless junky spam you will get but I am in a bind.

I manage a couple blogs.
The place name etc are not important at this time.

I am having a couple issues.
The first and more serious of the 2 is spam blockers and capture subsystems.
I need to know what good spam blockers which are free are useable by us blind people and actually work.
I also need to know what is a good capture plugin.
I used to use si capture antispam but on the sites I have tried it on, Setting it up is fine, getting it secure is fine. Entering capture text is fine, though the validation code in audio for everything including the author's comment site is nono, which I find quite stupid since it does not change.
However the main issue is there is a bug in processing.
Whenever I submit any form I have a token file not found or generated error suggesting to me that for whatever reason its not generating and then processing the form session properly to the point where the data is submitted.

This is a big problem, all sites are broken.

Ofcause if someone by any unlikely chance has email address direct to author of si capture antispam this may just work though only free support is not garanteed an answer.

ON the subject of plugins what is a good translater program, I use g translate and it works it needs xml sitemap generater to work fully and this itself works.
I just wandered if that is the wrong way to do things.

On all blogs with wordpress 3.11 the links are not always being labeled by wordpress, Mostly they are not reported just saying link. Several reinstalls and reformats of wordpress have happened over the last few weeks and myself and the main system admin don't know what to do about it. I went so far to find a theme reported to work with wcag2.0 made in itily but it didn't even fix the issue or change the stuff.

Inevitably I will probably go way off topic and probably need more assistance with wordpress as I admin things.
Is there a general wordpress users group or a blind wordpress users group?
I'd prefur a blind user's group but whatever.
Please answer offlist, I don't want to spam the lists anymore than I have to.
However this needs sorting and as configs for my root access are not working tonight maybe because we need to reformat again, though I have suggested to the main admin we just load the core and not any data or plugins in case of corruption. I have decided to devote my work to researching at least to get a general idea on what I really need to work with here. Oh I am not a php programmer, I just click links and buttons and do interface related configs. I have no real interest in programming php but if people have any ideas on securing at all, email me at sm.ever...@gmail.com If one particular person is most helpfull I may add or seek permition to add someone that I can or both of us can go with to assist when either of us gets stumped.

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