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Hi Thomas,

Thank goodness that not all programming languages are exactly the same as C.  
Well if they were, they would be C.  But seriously I have always liked a Basic 
programming language and the C languages just look like gobbledygook to me.  So 
if even Basic languages did everything just like C, I would probably have never 
taken up and learned my self all of the different Basic languages that I have 
used over the years.  I guess that not one thing fits everyone.  Programming 
language in this case.


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Hi Chris,

Yeah, that's exactly my problem as well. You spend x number of years
learning languages like C, C++, Java, etc and you think you know it
all and along comes Python having all these array types such as lists,
dictionaries, sequences, etc all with miner differences and I can't
figure out what exactly what I need or what equals what I already
know. Its back translating sometimes from a more advanced concept to a
less advanced one sometimes. this was always my gripe with languages
like VB 6.

For instance, in Java and C++ you can extend or inherit classes etdc.
When using VB 6 its classes were more simplified and didn't have all
the features of something like Java or C++. Its like, "hay, I'm an
advanced programmer here. Where is this or that feature I know exists
in C++ but not VB 6?"

Same kind of issue applies with Python. Its not so much that the
language is bad, but it has its own way of doing things that drives a
triditionally trained programmer slightly nuts. Its like going back
and relearning everything all over again, because Python seems to
ignore things a C++ programmer takes for granted. They take away a
concept I know such as arrays and replaces it with three or four new
alternatives. "Like why can't you guys just give me a basic array and
be done with it?"



I like Visual Basic 6.0 because I can not C.

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