this was actually written by an online friend of mine I met through a gamefaqs faq. interesting how things happen this way. anyhow, here you go! any thanks direct them to him and I'll let him know. I'll also point out that he has a ps3, so he wrote the buttons from that point of reference.
Tutorial 1: forward, backward, down and up
tap forward twice, tap backward twice

Tutorial 2: Avoid Sektors missiles for 15 seconds duck or walk forward or backwards to do so

Tutorial 3: square, triangle, X, circle, R2, down and R2, down and triangle, back and circle

back and X back and X followed by any attack

Tutorial 4: square x 3, square x 2 forward and square square x 2 and circle, square, X, triangle
triangle, square, back and circle triangle, square, forward and triangle

Tutorial 5: R1 while close, forward and R1 while close. square or X when Sektor is trying to throw you
R1 in air (airthrow)

Tutorial 6: Fight!! You need to land both throws, air throw and defeat Sektor

Tutorial 7: Special Moves training: down, forward and triangle, down, backwards and X back, forward and circle

Tutorial 8: Reflect 3 missiles by pressing down backwards and triangle when you hear Sektor shoots a missile

Tutorial 9: stay invisible for 6 seconds press down then up and circle to become invisible

Tutorial 10: down backwards and square 3 times. down backwards and square and R2 at the same time 3 times

Tutorial 11: down forward and triangle and R2, down backwards and X R2, back forwards and circle and R2

Tutorial 12: Breaker training: when Sektor lands second hit hold R2 and forward to do a breaker. Do 3 of them

Tutorial 13: X-ray attacks: L2 and R2 at the same time or X and Circle and R2 at the same time

Tutorial 14: L1 x 3, down forward and L1 x 3, down backwards and L1 x 3

Tutorial 15: triangle circle and L1, triangle square and L1

Tutorial 16: Fight!! Use Tag special, Tag assist, 4 hit kombo enhanced move, breaker and defeat opponent

Written by Jygga

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