Going old school, well ... sort of. I have been working on a multi-language 
translator for quite sometime to help me easily support multiple devices, old 
and future without much code modifications. It basically takes any PAC Mate 
program I've written in Basic4ppc and translates it into equivalent Python code 
that is compatible with the BraillePlus. I am updating the Translator with a 
much needed update, and this update now includes Android, Windows, Linux, and 
Mac code generations. I won't be releasing new titles until I have a decent 
working translator. If I add Braille Lite code generation using its BASIC 
interpreter, would anyone play any new titles? Lots of text-based ideas come to 
mind. If a particular program can't be translated for one platform, it forgets 
that platform and tries the others before giving up. Once the Android version 
works properly I hope to release a better update, though I haven't decided if I 
want to keep it Open-Source or charge for the time I spent writing this product 
and its required code templates. I've been also talking with my wife about 
getting an Intel-based Apple with 10.6 or better. Once we have one, iOS devices 
will be of course added. And any Android program from BrailleSoft will run on 
an iOS device. HTH.
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