Hi Che,

Yeah, you make some good points there. I will say though the main
reason I'm against using alt is that I've also got a first-person
version of this game in production as well. Although the MOTA standard
version doesn't use alt the first-person version uses it alot for
things. I want the silence key to be more or less standard with all of
the games I create. So in that sense control probably would work
better. Plus you are right that on my laptop getting to escape isn't
that easy because it is sort of sssquished right next to f1 with
accent  right below it. Where control is real easy to find.


On 4/30/11, Che <blindadrenal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> if I can throw my two cents in here, why not go with the control key?
>   its what everyone is used to and will be expecting, for newer players your
> introducing a confusing key, as well as making people reach for the escape
> key fairly often and moving their hands away from the main keys, always a
> bad thing with interfaces.
>   as far as programming so you recognize the control key up instead of down
> is a trivial matter if your keyboard class is set up right, with a proper
> setup should be doable in fifteen minutes tops.
>   you stated something about going back later and fixing it when you get
> time, but then folks will have to re learn a part of the interface.
>   for me, even if it took an hour or better to make the change, I would
> stick with the control key and problem solved, both now and in the future.
>   outside of that, I would go with alt, anything to keep from having to move
> a hand from the home row frequently and annoyingly.  remember, some
> keyboards are laid out in odd ways, and the escape key isn't as easy to
> reach and pop as others.
>   later
> che

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