Hi Dark,

Yeah, I do pretty much the same thing when reading e-mails. Since I
don't know what someone souhnds like I tend to associate them with the
voice of some film star, movie character, etc as well. However, as
this topic proves that can be as far from the truth as possible.

As for my own voice I manage. I've learned over the years if I want to
be pretty clear to my audience, such as speaking to a client over the
phone, I will talk a bit slower than usual  in order to make my words
clear and not slur them. Like a person who stutters I have to
consciously think about how to say some words in order to make them
loud and clear enough to be understood without repeating them. If i
don't my words will come out with a little lisp or slurring. I might
be able to do a podcast or something, but doing voice overs for menus,
status reports, i don't think would sound too good in a game.

On 5/3/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Ouch Tom.
> i'm really sorry to here this, and actually it's a major surprise.
> I tend to automatically imagine people's voices when i read in a none audio
> way especially if they are a character in a story or if I've not actually
> heard their voice before, and in my head you actually sound pretty much like
> kelsy gramma (possibly mangled spelling), the chap who played Frazier, beast
> in the x men films, side show bob in the simpsons etc.
> So hereing this makes for quite an odd disparity really, though sinse I've
> not heard your voice in person I'll go on believing you sound like frazier
> anyway ;D.
> All the best,
> Dark.

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