There are certain areas in history that are interesting. I find European and Asian history much more interesting than, say, Canadian history. There just isn't anything interesting about the history of this country... it's all trading and politics, and especially the way it's presented in textbooks is ridiculous. I love history... always have. But I prefer European and Asian history, especially in the areas of mythology, military and weapons.

At 07:45 AM 08/05/2011, you wrote:
HI Charles,

Well, I'm not really that surprised. Besides the fact this kid was
young, hadn't had history yet, etc I've generally found that most
people are really uneducated when it comes to history in general. I've
found all too many times people said history was boring, they slept
through class, and they don't really know anything about it other than
a few facts here and there they picked up somewhere. Even then what
history they do know, or think they know, usually is white washed
facts that passes for history in our schools today.

For instance, how many people were involved in the Lincoln
assassanation? If you are like most people you will mention John Wilks
Booth and forget everyone else involved in the plot to kill Lincoln.
The real truth is there was several people involved directly with the
Lincoln assassaination, and several cabinit members were attacked the
same night as Lincoln. John Wilks Booth was killed while trying to
escape, but several other members of the conspiracy were rounded up
and put on trial. In the end four people were hanged for conspiracy,
and four others were sent to prison. For some reason this part of the
Lincoln assassination is rarely discussed. Its not even in the school
books. Yet that is what really happened and is a matter of public
record if anyone wants to look into it further.

Its cases like this that really disgust me about the American school
system. The history books maybe have one or two pages dedicated to any
specific person or event and skip over the deeper truths and history
behind what happened. For most people that's enough. The day people
graduate from high school they just stop studying history, and that is
very sad because history is extremely interesting if presented
correctly.  The Apaulo 13 mission is a case in point of history that
is very interesting and has books and movies written about it. There
is really no excuse not to know about it.


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