Hi Fred,

It all really depends on what language the interactive fiction game is
written in. If it was written in Inform then you will need something
like Frotz or Winfrotz. If it is written in Adrift then you need
either Scare or the Adrift Runner. If it is written in Tads then you
need Wintads. There are suppose to be sort of all in one interpreters
out there, but they usually don't support everything completely. What
I mean about that is some interactive fiction games may have some
graphics and sounds. Some interpreters don't support graphics and
sounds but supports multiple interactive fiction file types. It often
is a trade-off in terms of features.

For example, an if interpreter I use for Linux is called Rogue. It
supports Tads, Adrift, and a couple of other if type games. Its a nice
handy all in one application, but there are a few accessibility issues
with it, and it lacks some features I might get with using the
official Adrift Runner for Windows. One of those being the ability to
play sounds/music in the game. So if I happen to download an Adrift
type game that has sounds that feature won't be supported using Rogue.
However, the advantages for me in using Rogue is it is supported on
Linux, supports multiple game file types, and is reasonably accessible
with Orca. So in this case I'm willing to forego the sounds/music for
non-Windows compatibility. However, if I want all the features of the
Adrift adventure format I have to use the official Adrift 4 Runner for
Windows instead.


On 5/8/11, fred olver <goodfo...@charter.net> wrote:
> With all these options, does one need all these programs or will just one
> do???
> Fred Olver

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