count yourself lucky jim, my A, level history teacher was pretty much like professor bins from harry potter, other than he didn't enter via the blackboard ;d.

He did however drone on like nobody's business, I think espeak would've been more interesting to listen to ;D.

That being said, once I don't have! to learn history, it's really fascinating, from egypt to the 1st world war.

That's actually one reason i really like doctor who, as well as the scifi plots, the doctor has got himself mixed up in various times and historical events going right back to the early series when the first doctor traveled with marko polo or wound up in Scotland at the time of the jacobite uprising, ---- in fact the 2nd doctor's longest serving companion was a Scotish soldier.

In some later series things get even more interesting, for instance in the audio series the fifth doctor has a female phaero of egypt for a companion who gets into a lot of trouble (her giving Louis the 14th a right royal yelling at for being a bad king who didn't care about his people was a fantastic moment!).

Beware the grue!


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