Your point about moving forward instead of sticking to tradition makes sense. I dunno... maybe I just miss old beat em ups. I'd love to see a modern game with all the chracteristics of final fight and streets of Rage. Those were good times.

As to darth bane, I put a lot of time into reading those books... and if you made one game that spread over the period of path of destruction as well as rule of two, you would have somewhat more enemy variety. And this could also be a way to progres... since if you remember, Darth Bane was a kid on a mining planet who routinely got himself into trouble. Then he escaped, joined a group of sith troopers who were soldiers for the sith army, and then finally moved up to the academy... and grew to be darth bane despite the fact that by that time the academy had abandoned the use of the darth title. The first book climaxes with the Jedi and Sith battling on a remote planet and the sith committing basically suicide and taking the Jedi with them. Bane is the only one left... and thus begins his rule of two.

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