hey everyone.
some years ago i said i was going to translate a yugioh game to english
using my vipmud scripting skills.
however it did not happen for various reasons. it's really hard to
translate a program using only scripts.
some things just weren't working properly at all.
but now the main developer sent an email to me 10 minuts ago saying that
the beta version of the yugioh translation is complete, even the manual
explaining how to play, everything!!!
you know what's the best? it's a online game, and we have no game that's
similar to this one. if you ever watched yugioh you will know what i
mean. we have lots of cardgames like solitaire, spades, poker,
blackjack, no thanks. i'm not interested in it, it's quite nice to play
sometimes, but i want something much more advanced and more
in this game you have a deck of cards and should add monsters, spells
and traps to it. in total there are more than 300 cards, so the
combinations are unlimited. no game is going to be  the same.
i'm playing it for years and it's still a lot of fun to play.
you will even be able to play with sighted peoples and peoples from
brazil, since the game is running in the same room.
to make it work, do the following:
be warned that the first part to connect is in portuguese.
point your favorite telnet client to
port 1963
when you're connected it will ask you to press enter. just do so and
some more messages will come, saying the number of peoples connected in
the chatroom. we're not interested in this information, ignore it
altogether and type -cartas remember to include the "-" before the word
to go to the room that's always open and have the bot that we're
interested in running.
ok, now we are in the room, you should press "-" to disable it from
appearing before the messages, it's anoying!
now it will say in the end of the messages that if you want to play in
english you should just type "eng1".
do it and start reading the manual, it's everything in english! well not
100% for now because remember that it's just an initial version, however
it will be improved.
hope you all enjoy it.
best regards.

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