Hello gamers,

USA Games would like to announce the immediate release of Mysteries of
the Ancients beta 19. This all new release includes a number of
changes, bug fixes, and new features.

What's New in This Release


* Added the ability to run, jump, attack, etc while the game is speaking.
* Added the ability to silence speech with the escape key.
* Added the ability to skip the game intro with the escape key.
* Added the ability to skip cutscenes with the escape key.
* Added KeyDown function to check
when a key is down but not pressed.
* Disabled analog jumping
and use standard jump code from beta 17 and earlier.
* Created both Linux and Windows x86 builds.
* Fixed the bug where the alt key brings up the context menu.
* Fixed the bug where the s key fails to open the sounds menu
while in the main menu.
* Fixed the bug with player's health not being restored
 after drinking a healing potion.
* Fixed the bug where the player isn't poisoned when being attacked
by a poisonous enemy.
* Removed joystick profiler.
* Removed joystick support.
* Removed mouse support.
* Replaced character string constants with standard C++ string class.
* Replaced exit menu with quit menu.
* Replaced Microsoft DirectInput with SDL input.
* Replaced Microsoft Windows API with SDL window API.
* Replaced Microsoft DirectSound support with FMOD Ex sound API.
* Updated Area class.
* Updated enemy class.
* Updated enemy A.I.
* Updated Nemean Lion sounds.
* Updated level1.
* Updated level 2.
* Updated LoadGame() function.
* Updated LoadLevel() function.
* Updated PlayerAttackEnemy() function.
* Updated PlayerTargetTracking() function.
* Updated SaveGame() function.
* Updated SaveLevel() function.
* Updated User's Guide.

Downloading and Installing


Before downloading and installing beta 19 be sure to remove beta 18
and earlier as it conflicts with the new cross-platform engine. To
download beta 19 visit
and have fun.

Thomas Ward
President of USA Games Interactive

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