Hi Greg,

That's very true. If we look atsay the US, UK, and Canadian markets
Windows is clearly the big winner, but if we look at foreign markets
Linux has had a dramatic inpact on home and industry software world
wide. In what we would call the third-world markets those people can
not afford top dollar prices for Microsoft Windows and they have
turned to Linux to supply their software needs. Where in the USA Linux
ranks third in the OS market I've heard of some foreign markets where
Linux PCs out rank Windows two to one. So the people saying I'll only
make 10 sales is understating the fact that Linux actually has a
larger influence outside the United States, Canada, etc. Its just a
matter of trying to market my products for those potential customers
and non-US markets.

Not only that, but the USA economically isn't doing too good. People
living on SSI have not gotten a cost of livining crease in two or
three years even though the price of everything from gas, to food, to
everyday household items have gone way up in price. Its possible if
this continues blind American gamers won't have the financial means to
hang onto their high priced Windows software, upgrade, etc. Then what?

Well, they have two choices. They can stick with their old computers
and hope for things to financially improve, or they can pick a cheaper
low cost solution like Linux. I'm at least giving them that opertunity
to pick Windows or Linux, and their product keys will work with both
versions. I don't think people should have to choose one opperating
system over another simply because a developer decides not to support
a non-Windows OS and platform for reason x.


On 5/25/11, Greg Wocher <gwblindm...@gwblindman.org> wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> I completely understand where you are coming from.  I have recently
> installed Vinux on my old Acer Aspire 1 netbook.  I may here soon download
> and install your version for Linux and see how it goes.  I am on the Vinux
> and Orca lists and I am seeing new members all the time.  I could actually
> see a market for your games in other countries since there seems to be quite
> a bit of linux users in other countries other than the U.S.
> Happy Gaming,
> Greg W.

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