Hi Charles,

Well, I think I do. The fact of the matter is most people don't really
know or fully realise how developers work, operate, etc. Most projects
have a roadmap, sort of a master todo list/schedule, that states what
needs to be done and when the developer plans to work on that
particular issue. Linux projects, for example, generally have a public
roadmap you can read online that gives you a rough idea of what Gnome
3.2 willl contain as well as other updates or changes to various
programs. Well, I'm no different in that respect other than I never
publish my notes online. Perhaps I should start doing it.

Basically, I have this master list that says ok, joystick/mouse
support isn't working, so I'll take it out and add it before 1.0 goes
live. If I need to I'll use the DirectX input libraries for it until I
find another way to do it properly with SDL etc. Since I haven't made
my master notes publically available I think people like Mattheus
assumed the worst. I removed joystick support in beta 19 so he assumed
it was perminitly removed rather than temperarily removed. I see where
he got his assumptions even though it turns out to be a bit eronious
and short sighted because he isn't seeing the big picture here.


On 5/25/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I know, from the beginning, that your reasoning for creating the game to
> work on the format of your personal choice was so that you, in fact, could
> play it using that platform.  And, as you have numerously pointed out, that
> market is still growing, and will be profitable.  There aren't enough games
> for that market, so it is a very good sound idea.
> As for the removal of joystick and mouse support, this has been done before
> in order to test game operation, and it will be added back in before the
> final release.  I have no idea where anyone at all got the idea that you
> removed it permanently.  You never even hinted at such a notion.
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> heart.

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