I'd like to say a few things about what I experienced when trying the latest beta of mota. First and foremost the change of the sound library seriously does affect accouracy of positioning of sounds relative to you. Best examples for this are collectable objects like torches in level 1. I had to walk over and over the same spot several times until I could collect one while in all the atempts it sounded like the item was centered in my stereo field. The second thing I noticed is that when I walk, not run, the sounds of objects like torches is not immediately adjusted, once i make a move. The last Beta adjusted sound volumes better. There it was like a gradual flowing process. You enter a room and hear something at the other end. You step forward, the thing gets a bit louder per step. You back out, it gets quieter until you are out of range. Now, it is noticeably more a harder change. You step into one direction and with a time delay you suddenly hear it louder as if you turned the volume up several units instead of a small unit instead. The next thing with sounds is in regards to collecting objects. When you use a torch in a dark room, you can "see" objects otherwhise hidden. However if you're lucky, you might collect an object without "seeing" it by usage of a torch. For collecting objects you press the enter key. Now I have found out that when I am walking and am holding the key down for walking and am pressing the enter key to collect any object, that the walking sound slows down, but when I am running and doing the same, I don't seem to loose speed. And the last thing in this version I am wondering about is that in five or six times I played the beta I had encountered at least one poisonous creature within the first ten rooms every time I played. Unfortunately I was not allways available to evade their attacks and thus I got hit several times, but it seems that there was (in my oppinion) a lack of any potions in the first part of level 1 while I tryed it at least six times in a row. What are your experiences with the change of the sound library?

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