Hi Harmony,

I resent that comment. As a commercial software developer myself I can
say the license agreement is not a piece of junk. It is a legal
contract between me and the end users of my product. If they agree to
those terms, weather they read it or not, they are legally bound to
the contract. It legally protects me and my product from people
steeling my ideas, product, intelectual copyrights, etc. Maybe that
doesn't matter to you since you aren't the one developing the product,
have something to lose by having someone steel your ideas and
products, but anyone who creates software for a living do have
something to lose. That's why we create these special contracts, the
end user license, so everybody knows exactly what the legal terms of
use are regarding the software.

To explain how we software developers feel about this imagine yourself
in a similar situation. Say you have a special hobby like writing
stories or you like composing music. One day you write a best selling
novel or compose a song good enough to be on the top 10 charts. Now,
say some loser without an ounce of talent comes along and writes a
book like your best seller and makes millions on your idea, or some
disreputable musician takes your top 10 song and performs it without
your permission putting himself or herself on the top 10 charts.
Wouldn't you be angry, upset, and just a bit ready to sue or take
action against the other party for not only using your ideas without
your permission but making money off something that belongs to you?

That's why contracts and end user license agreements exist. It
protects the companies or persons intelectual and physical copyrights
to their ideas, products, and so on. True, sometimes copyright owners
abuse their legal rights, but over all it works. It helps lay down the
legal terms in which the ideas, media, etc may be used.


On 5/26/11, Harmony Neil <harmon...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> I've noticed this with software in general also. Maybe they finally realize
> that no one bothers to read or listen to the terms and conditions or licence
> junk any more? Just an idea ... Hahahaha!

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