i've been trying to get into alterean for a while, but just keep coming up 
against annoyences. 

I'm a level 13 clerric, leve 8 warrior and now level 2 thief, yet I get beaten 
up even in level 10 or 12 areas. I'm using all correct spells such as bless, 
armour and the cause and cure wound spells, and wielding the spirit hammer as a 
weapon sinse whenever I compare other weapons with it they end up worse. 

I've done most quests on slo, but can't defeat that bloody shrew in the box in 
hilderbred, ---- and I can't even find! the quests in bandora azul.

so, i went to cordon, and found the newbie ruins, but there I can't even hit a 
bat. I tried the haunted highway which is supposedly level 12, and got beaten 
up by a revenant guard.

Nor can i find a decent xp creature to hit sinse everything I come up against 
is either too tough or too weedy.

I've been comparing equipment to make sure what I'm using is best, but stil I 
keep getting slaughtered, and to be honest it's rather putting me off the mud 
at the moment which is a shame sinse betwene the mushclient music and sfx and 
the really great descriptions otherwise it is awsome, but I can't help finding 
myself becoming rapidly disspirited with it. 

I'm thelok on there if anyone has seen me around. 

Any advice would be welcome. 

All the best, 

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