Fred wrote:
I shouldn't have to use the delete key for messages which are of no purpose or need to be on the list, grow up and take responsibility for putting valid messages on the list.
end quote

 I completely agree with Fred here.
One reason I don't follow this list much is because of all the crap messages with no real content sent to list, such as the babel report replies. I am only monitoring right now to check feedback for Ryans soon to be excellent boxing game. We would have more developers on this list chiming in and helping with constructive ideas if there wasn't so much meaningless fluff in my opinion. Running a list that stays on topic and minimizes crap posts is not an easy thing, I know that, but there really is no point at all in the babel urination contest. Not only is conversation about who has the most posts meaningless, but it leads to one line and even sometimes one word emails to list. I don't mean to sound like a cranky old man here, but I hate to see a resource like the gamers list not reach its full potential when we have so few outlets for discussing our shared interest.

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