In answer to your question the Dos text adventures you are talking
about were not written in Inform. They were most likely written in C
or C++. As I said Inform can not be compiled into an executable file
and never did have that ability.

Although, Inform is considered a programming language its not really a
programming language in the normal sense of the  term. Instead Inform
uses reserved words that identify what things are, and it is written
in plane English. For example, let me write a few lines of code in
Inform then show you something identical in C++.

The living room is a room.
Shaun is a man.
the computer is a thing.
Shaun is located in the living room.
The computer is located in the living room.

Now, obviously what I wrote is very simplistic and is written in plane
ordinary English, or so it looks.  Actually, what the code does is
declare some game objects using the room, man, and thing kinds, and
then places them in the living room object. It is very easy to learn
and use because the interpreter translates all that into actual
machine code at runtime. However, you can't take that code and compile
it into an executable, because the Inform language lacks the
functionality to acquire low-level access to the console. To do that
you need a native programming language like C++ which you will see is
much much more complex.

#define LIVING_ROOM 1

Man shaun;
Thing computer;

class Man

    int room;

class Thing

    int room;

int main ()
    return 0;

Obviously the C++ source code is more complex. That's because I had to
basically write the  underlying classes or kinds before even
initializing them. However, where the two languages really differ, and
my point, here is handling basic input/output.

Inform or  rather the Inform interpreter has in a built in list of
input commands such as get, take, put, remove, north, south, east,
west, etc. So the language itself doesn't need to handle input on its
own. The interpreter will take care of that. Diddo for printing text.

With C++ to handle input and output simply include the iostream header
in your project and you can use cin  to get input and cout to print
stuff to the console. You can't get that kind of low-level accesss to
the console using Inform.


On 6/2/11, shaun everiss <> wrote:
> how were standalone dos exe files made with some inform games.
> I remember exe files being made so its possible I suspect at least
> with the old z3 6 and 8 I am not sure about glulx or anything else.
> I know tads you can at least tads 1 and maybe 2 not sure about html
> or 3 but definately I saw that in dos.

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