Hi Jim.

there seems to be a difference betwene generic text in text games and self voicing games that output to screen readers. With hal I can play if games quite successfully with just the general text reading commands and virtual focus, inlcuidn gold dos ones, but for any game where the text needs to be read in a certain time, eg, muds, lone wolf etc, it's far easier to just use sapi to self voice the game.

This is better for developers too rather than having to support everything, and then getting a complaint from someone who uses different software.

Dolphin have for instance recently this year finally! produced a public api for Hal that can be used to output streight to it, and in fact has already been used in quitta, however I'm not suddenly expecting everyone to modify their games to use it, in fact such an expectation would be unreasonable in the extreme.

The only reason I could see someone would not use sapi for a self voicing or real time game is voice, and plenty of voices are available, ---- pluss imho it's not precisely fair that a developer has to do lots of extra work to support everyone's software just because some people are too stingy to acquire better voices, or too picky to use the generic ones.

On the subject of accessible games to other disabilities, well that is a problem, and it's good there are! games around that have alternatives to using sterrio or use only text (though playing something like lone wolf or a mud with a braille display would be murderous indeed).

At the same time though, I do feel there needs to be some thought of time and resources. for instance, we do not go knocking on the door of oneswitch.org.uk asking for them to make vi accessible games sinse they have games for the motion impared, as obviously they have their own group to service.

I think so long as there are some! games around, and so long as all game developer is stil done by indi devs with their own time and money, pushing multiple accessible too much would hurt everyone in the long run.

for instance, imagine how much more work mota would take if Tom had to add textual directions and some sort of one step mode to make it accessible to deaf/blind people.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be included, just that with the current state accessible games are in it would be as unreasonable to expect everything, ---- or even a vast majority of things, to include deaf/blind access as it would be for us to go and harrass developers of one switch only games into including audio access.

Btw, also an interesting point is that some access changes are good for some disabilities and bad for others.

i was quite depressed on retroremakes.com when I raised the subject of how inaccessible the new wiimote and wii menue system was to low vision and blind players as compared to menues you could just learn and individually press, when I was shouted down by a load of people saying how inconsidderate I was sinse the new wii system was great for physically impared players.

Beware the grue!


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