That's exactly the issue in a nutshell. Its not that I or anyone else
has any particular issue with VB 6 and/or the developers that use it,
other than the fact that some day every single program written in that
language will stop working and the developer is going to have to deal
with that reality sooner or later. Unfortunately, as the majority of
accessible games are based on VB 6 if we, as a community don't take
steps to upgrade now, there may come a day when Windows X will no
longer run any games written in VB 6 and then what will we do?

The same argument can apply to Directplay, Directsound, and a number
of other APIs that are now deprecated. Yes, they currently still work
on  Windows 7 now, but don't expect that state of affairs to last
forever. The one and only reason they still work is Microsoft is
trying to maintain backward compatibility with XP era software and
many of their libraries are their for compatibility reasons rather
than active development. When XP goes out of support so will DirectX 8
and a number of APIs that came with XP. Rather than wining about it
the smart thing is to start looking at   updating to something current


On 6/9/11, Trouble <troub...@columbus.rr.com> wrote:
> i do see where you come from Jim, but its a lost cause and here is
> why. I got one game that I liked called PZ98. Now that was a very
> nice game to play and have spent hours and even days at that tank.
> I had a problem with getting it running and Phil and Kelley took the
> time to get mine working. I can get it to work on everything but
> win7. It will run but not how it was made to run.
> That my friend is where you will be sitting. Your stuff works now but
> is getting very short time All the time spent bitching about it could
> of ben spent looking at .net or anything being used today.
> A rock that don't move gets no moss but a lot of bird...

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