This is obviously for oriol, but anyone else feel free to chip in as well. 

first I have a request. Currently, the not enough mana sound is one of the same 
sounds used for a failed spell. I've had occasions in battle when I've heard 
that sound when trying to cast a spell and assumed I'm out of mana when in fact 
I'm not. Is there a possibility the "not enough mana" sound could be changed, 
or simply removed from the list of spell fail sounds? this would make loging 
mana in fights easier. 

Also the recast fallen spells option doesn't appear to work with some spells. 
Holy weapon and spirit hammer (though i'm guessing this is because they're not 
directly affects), but also weerdly enough faith shield! 

I also have never seemed to be able to get the backstab weapon swich thing 
working correctly, and would appreciate some advice with that sinse it's thus 
far a skill I've never used but would like to try. 

Then, there are a few bugs to report. 

When fishing, the auto donate fish option doesn't seem to work with ugly 
looking catfish or carp, and produces an error, also when you die you get the 
warning about a gold decrease which seems a litle odd. 

I also notice that after death the area music of where you were often continues 
playing until you look at the current area, indeed sometimes I've not known I 
did! die due to battle speed.

Lastly, i encountered a really nasty issue making aliases with spells which 
dentin actually mentioned too. For some reason in mush, making spell aliases 
with c for cast or typing cast doesn't work, dentin said it's something to do 
with the way mush handles certain trigures. Eventually I had to use cas for 
cast, which was a litle irritating. 

Other than that I'm really enjoying the soundpack, makes the game feel a lot 
like an rpg and really contributes both to the atmosphere and ease of play. 

I'm just sorry I didn't know about it years ago when I first discovered 
altereon and was told mush only ran with jaws and nothing else, and sinse vip 
mud didn't exist at that point and attempting to read in coming text manually 
with Hal didn't work too well for muds, I had to completely abandon the idea.

Beware the grue! 

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