Hi all,

I've noticed quite a number of test messages from various members
wondering if the Audyssey list is down etc. Let me begin by assuring
all of you that the list is not down, and everything is working just
fine. It just so happens that now that we are into the summer season
list traffic is a lot less than it normally is. particularly during
the weekends where people are away doing something else. I'm not
certain why list traffic is less than normal other than the fact it is
now summer for a lot of people, particularly in North America and
Europe, and perhaps people aren't on list as often as they usually are
during the colder months of the year.

Anyway, rather than bombarding the list with test messages one way to
find out if the list is working or if you are getting all of the list
messages is to head over to
and check the recent archives by date. If the most recent message in
the archive matches what you have received then your list subscription
and e-mail is working fine. Its just a matter of low list traffic. We
the moderators would prefer you try this before sending x number of
test messages asking if the list is working.

Another, perhaps more constructive,  way to test the list is simply to
open a new thread or topic on the list. Rather than sending a test
message asking about if the list is working simply write a message
about some game and if it goes through you know the list is working.
Perhaps in the process some people will respond and list traffic will
pick back up again. Which is your aim in the first place I think.

In either case while test messages aren't banned there are better more
constructive ways to find out what you want than resorting to test
messages. So please if you are wondering about the lists status try
one of the above before resorting to test messages.



Thomas Ward
Co-Moderator of the Audyssey Mailing List

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