Hi all,
I posted this yesterday but I am going to try it again and see if
someone replies.
Hi all!
Okay, version 7.0 is now available for download! It is occationally 44.7 mb
(sorry Sean).
To download it, do as follows:
1. Go to the url:

2. Login with the following password: Tj rocks!
Note that it is case sencitive.
Do "never!" give out this password to anyone.
When you log in, please enter your real name, so i know who has the file or not.
Changes from last beta (v6.2):
* The stereo image in the game is no longer made by pre recorded, panned audio
files, it is made from within the game itself.
* Level 4 is included.
* The status feature has been modified to work better.
* Several other bug fixes.
* The bonus objects and the animals in level 1 are now randomly placed.
* The slingshot is included.
The slingshot:
You get it when you take a bonus object in level 1. When you get it, it comes
with 5 amo, but you can get more amo along the way, by catching more bonus
objects. To toggle between your different weapons, press w. And to use a
weapon, press the spacebar as before. To check how much amo you have in your
slingshot, press a when it is active (when you have chosen it from the weapon
The slingshot works as follows in the different levels:

Level 1: i don't recommend you to use this weapon in level 1 when you can use
your spear, but if you are playing on hard and have much amo, just use it on an
animal, and it is dead after one shot.

Level 2: the slingshot is inactive in this level, because you do not need it.

Level 3: here, the slingshot is very useful. While hanging in a vine, and there
comes a monkey, just use the slingshot (it doesn't matter where you are
swinging) and the monkey is history. However, if you use your spear, you now
need to hit a monkey 3 times to kill it, mouhahahaha!

Level 4:
Here the slingshot is also very useful. In level 4 you are killing bees (see
below). If you use a slingshot in this level, all bees that are currently on
the screen will be killed.

Here is a description of level 4:
Level 4 is called honey hunt, and you are killing bees to get honey. If you
finish the level you will eat the honey, and your strength will be increased.
The bees are flying left and right, left and right. How many bees there are at
once depends on the difficulty. When a bee is in front of you, press spacebar
to kill it. If a bee passes center and you do not manage to kill it, it'll
sting you and you will lose 1 strength. It is not as easy as it sounds, trust

As i said above, the status feature has been changed to work better. You now
1 to hear your score.
2 to hear your strength.
And 3 to hear how many lives you have left.
Also, in level 4, you can press 0 to hear how much honey you have.

Okay, i know that many people are waiting for this email, so if i don't want
them to send mister Alpha after me, it is best that i send it now.
I just have one thing remainning to say:

Philip Bennefall"
Thomas, in your version of tarzan junior that you uploaded last
weekend, do you have to press 1 to hear your score, 2 to hear your
strength and 3 to hear how many lives you have left?
Also, you said before that you would host egg hunt and pigeon panic on
your sight sometime at the end of March. But I still don't see them on
the sight. I know your busy with uploading Philip's games, some of
spoonbill's games and working on MOTA but maybe you should upload them
because I actually had a crash in early April and it took like the
whole night for system restore to fix my computer. And, I saw that egg
hunt, pigeon panic, super shot, tdl maze game, space colony cleaner
and science invaision were completely gone from the system, and all I
saw was the sounds and sometimes the internet shortcut but the .exe
file that starts the game was gone. So I had to ask some people to
upload all of those. Now it would have been easier if they were on a
websight like usagamesinteractive.com.
And Shane is right, neither of us see tarzan junior, all I see is dark
destroyer, duck blaster and snowball woar. I don't even see science
invasion. Did Kelly ask that not to be hosted?
best regards,

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