Chris, I'm glad to hear from the audyssey list.  I started to wonder whether my 
post had gone through ok.  Currently there isn't a way to actually cancel a 
building's construction.  You can, however, select the building and press 
Backspace to notify everyone that this building should not be restocked.  This 
will essentially stop any more peasants from carrying supplies to the site.  
I've written down your suggestion to abort buildings, and to have a description 
ahead of time.

People will eat automatically, assuming you have a stocked tavern and a cook to 
serve the food.  When it comes to delivering supplies, the tavern takes top 
priority, followed by building supplies to construction sites.  I'm not exactly 
sure about the rest of the priority order off hand.  Those are the most 
important 2 though.  If you have a few things under construction, but you want 
a particular one done first, you can use backspace to turn the others off until 
the important one is finished.  Just don't forget to turn the others back on, 

People do not recover from illness or injuries without a doctor.  I was 
considering having this, but for the moment a doctor is required.  Illnesses 
can be cured by the doctor alone, but the doctor needs bandages (cloth in the 
hospital) in order to cure physical injuries.

The loading error was due to a missing sound file.  If you download again, it 
will prevent that error from popping up.

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