Is there a benefit to having more than one person assigned per farm, mill,
etc?  If I have one vegetable and one wheat farm, is there any benefit to
having more than two farmers?  Carpenters per sawmill?  Butchers per shop,
blacksmiths and metallurgists, etc?


I noticed that injuries were being healed by the doctor even without cloth.
Are there some injuries that can heal with just the doctor's care?


As with Lunimals, JFW doesn't work; I'm using NVDA to play.


A note to other players: those goblins are slow, but you can't tell where
they are going to come up.  I lost my mill, wheat farm and saw mill in one
attack, which doomed me as I was too low on lumber even to rebuild the
sawmill, which you need to refine logs into lumber.  Losing even one of
these buildings can be catastrophic, and I lost three at one go.


It might be nice to have a way to flip from the e/r job summary to the first
occurrence of that job.  I found myself having to flip through large
portions of my people to switch jobs around.  If I see that I have seven
peasants and want to turn two of them into hunters, it would be nice to have
a way of restricting the list to just the peasants.  Maybe have an all
selection, then each job, with the list of people restricted to that job,
unless you have all selected as part of the e/r list.  So, I might have 7
peasants, 3 builders, and 2 hunters.  There would be an all (12 workers),
but if I hit r until I got to 7 peasants, then hitting d/f would take me
through the list of peasants.  I'd hit e/r to all if I wanted to go through
the whole list.  I think this would be more efficient, particularly when you
have twenty-plus people to scroll through.


A note on balance, the progression to military units is so very much longer
than the other technologies.  I understand this but wonder if it's balanced
properly.  Now that I have a better feel for the game I'll try a different
progression next time.  I probably just waited too long to begin, but with
food being the problem it was, I just couldn't get started until it was too
late.  I spent some portion of my midgame just hunting and farming to get
enough of a surplus.  The Trojan-man flaw really bit me hard; I never had
enough people to specialize and was constantly shorting one need to meet


Nice job Jeremy, even more complex and interesting than lunimals.


                Chris Bartlett


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