The specific details on the farm escape me at the moment, but technically each 
farm produces its crop a tiny bit faster than a single farmer can harvest it.  
This allows people to, say, have 5 farmers for their 4 farms, in order to get 
increased production without needing that extra building.  Lumber jacks, 
miners, stone masons, hunters, and fisherman are pretty easy to see how more of 
them changes things.  When it comes to most jobs though, such as Butchers, 
Bakers, Metallurgists, excreta, only need additional people if you notice you 
can't keep up with demand.  For the most part, supplies will be limiting your 
production, not the people who work to change those supplies into products.  At 
some point, you'll advance so far in production, that you'll notice your single 
baker simply can't bake bread as fast as new bags of flour are piling up.

Illnesses can be cured by a doctor without the need for any bandages.  Physical 
injuries require bandages though.

I absolutely Love your idea for adjusting the e,r and d,f menus!  I was halfway 
through your explanation, and I already knew it was a perfect solution!  Expect 
to see it soon, in an update.

It's true that the military units take longer to develop, but for the time 
being, I'll keep things how they are.  As you suggested, the trouble could have 
just been the particular order you built your city in.  If I start hearing the 
same type of concerns from more people, I'll consider adjusting things to get 
the soldiers out a little faster.

Thanks for the suggestions man, I really appreciate it!

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