I've just posted version 0.3b, and I highly recommend everyone take a minute to 
download it.  Don't worry, your saved games will still work, even though you'll 
probably benefit from starting over because of certain changes.

Here are the changes that I can remember making.  Lol, I made many little 
changes so I might be forgetting some.
- Cooks, Bartenders, and Mothers are far more resistant to illness and injury.
- Everyone else is also more resistant, it just isn't as drastic of a change as 
I made with the Cooks, Bartenders, and Mothers.
- You begin with more supplies, most importantly, you begin with some cloth 
now.  This will give you a way to cure some injuries before you have a textile 
up and running.
- Pregnant women give birth a little sooner, and Children grow up 33 percent 
- I fixed the bug that made you restart the game if you were defeated.
- There is a significant change in how the selection feature works.  When you 
use E, and R, there is now a "Total" listing.  This is selected by default.  
This is important when you learn that the normal unit list will now only show 
you people whose jobs match the one you picked with E, and R!  When you have it 
set to "Total", things work how you're already used to.
- Holding down Shift, while pressing D, and F, will cycle you through your 
- When people have nothing to do, depending on their job type, they will 
temporarily to help out with the job that is under theirs.  A carpenter who has 
no supplies, will take a minute to help out as a lumber jack, for example.  
Once they perform their temporary job, they will revert back to the job you 
originally assigned them.  This should help everyone a lot.

I'm still adding stuff like a mad man!  Please keep the bug reports coming in, 
and remember that saved games, at the time of a bug, are [gold]!  It makes 
things a million times easier for me to find the problem.

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