Well, after tearing all of the new AI code out, things went back to working 
perfectly, as far as I could tell.  Instead of just putting the new AI code 
back in, I got to work changing the original AI so that it would have a nicer 
bond with the new features I was going to put back in.  I'm pleased to say, 
that after I finished, I played a game where I got all of the way up to having 
a doctor, and not a single error or bug with the people!  Yay!  We won't know 
for sure, of course, until I have my swarm of testers putting it to the test 
through.  Hehe, that's all of you guys.

I've added in a quick reference announcement, for when you highlight over 
buildings.  A tavern will say "Tavern. 5, 2, 0, 2" to give you a super quick 
idea of what is stored within it.  In this case, 5 meat, 2 bread, no 
vegetables, and 2 wine barrels.  Buildings under construction now also tell you 
what the destination amount is.  When building construction site are fully 
stocked, a message will let you know that it is time for the builders to take 
over.  And finally, when the game begins, all of your people start out as 
builders instead of peasants!  For the millionth time, I started the game out 
by switching everyone over to be builders, and it occurred to me I should just 
change that!  Now that the new AI is working, those builders will start out 
acting as peasants, so there won't be any job switching required, until you 
want to start specifically dedicating some people to be peasants (which is a 
good idea at some point).

Please grab version 0.6b and let me know if the bugs are finally squashed.  I'm 
already back to work on the new features, so hopefully I hear good news from 
everyone about this new version.  big_smile

As a side note.  Blacksmiths require 2 metal bars to make a suit of armor, so 
that might explain why some people saw their black smiths sitting around even 
when there was metal waiting in the forge.

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