Not quite sure what you're looking for, so I'll give you the general list:
vegetables only require a vegetable farm, which you must assign farmers to 
meat can be brought in through fishing, or through hunting. In order to use 
meat from hunting, you must have a butcher shop and a butcher to run that. If 
you are running one of the latest versions, butchers will automatically become 
hunters to get the animals they need.
To make wine you need a vineyard, which also requires farmers to operate, but 
has the added requirement of needing barrels.
Bread requires several steps. You must have a wheat farm, which requires 
farmers. Peasants will bring the harvested wheat to a mill, where they will 
grind it into flour. After that, peasants will bring the bags of flour to a 
bakery which will create loaves of bread. A baker creates three loaves of bread 
from each bag of flour, so bread, once you get it set up, can be a very useful 

Lumber needs a sawmill to create. Lumberjacks cut down trees, which are brought 
to the sawmill where carpenters cut it into useable lumber. Carpenters can act 
as lumberjacks if there are no logs at the sawmill.
Bricks are created by a stone mason in a quarry. There are no extra steps for 
bricks to be created.
Cloth requires a butcher, who will remove fur from animals brought back from 
hunters. Peasants will bring the fur to a textile, where they will turn it into 
yarn. From there, a Taylor takes over and creates cloth.
Metal bars require metal ore which is gotten through a mine. A metallurgist 
then takes the metal ore and turns it into bars. I personally find it quite 
handy to only assign a metallurgist, and let him/her mine the ore and then turn 
it into metal, this way, you only have to use one person for the entire project.
Suits of armor and swords are created by a blacksmith. You must have a 
barracks, to use them, and each set requires two metal bars.

Hope that covered what you were looking for; good luck!
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