In case any of you feel like trying this out/testing it.

Here are direct download links for both the windows executables and the 
precompiled python source (will hopefully work on both linux and mac machines) 
latest versions of both the mapData interpreter/engine, and the newer app that 
lets you generate content by answering questions, typing content, etc. via a 
command line app, etc.:
Windows executable (run mapData.exe):

Python compiled source (mapData.pyc):

windows executable for content generator (run mapDataGenerator.exe):

Python compiled source for content generator (mapDataGenerator.pyc):

You'll also see that if you tell the generator to save a map, then aside from 
reloading it next time you want to carry on editing/adding on to it, it will 
also ask if you want to generate an 'encrypted' version, which can then be 
shared with other guys without them off-hand being able to view the content 
thereof, so that they can run the content by specifying an additional command 
line syntax of map=fileNameEnc (which leaves out the .txt part of the file 
name) alright, but still won't off-hand be able to see what's then in the 
contents of that file beforehand, but anyway.

Also means in mapDataGenerator, if you tell it to load a file, and then tell it 
to load mapData, you'll be able to edit the map etc. therein.

This is also still just me testing/playing around with/trying out working in 
python, so if you want to test it, don't expect it to be amazing in any sense, 
and both apps come with my test content file, mapData.txt, so you can see the 
form of content it will save/generate, in an unencrypted form if you want, and 
this is also the default file that mapData executable will try to find/execute 
if just running it, but anyway.

Can also not promise there won't be any bugs/issues, or that all prompts are 
complete enough since I myself know what it wants as answers, so may have 
missed out on making it tell you everything as such, but anyway.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'
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