Hi Dark,

Interesting. I always put my town at the center of the map so my store
house is usually someplace like f7. More or less where you have your
towers setup. Although, I've been changing were I build things
somewhat from game to game to very things a bit. Its too bad there
aren't any custom or random maps available yet. As playing on the same
map does get a bit boring after a while.


On 7/29/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I'm afraid I was using shorthand regarding the goblins a litle.
> In mission 1, they come from the north across file 1, but later on will
> start attacking along the eastern and western most files, right down to the
> 10th space, that is on A row and P row.
> They don't change tactics according to where your village is, sinse I once
> began a village on A row, and actually had to completely abandon that game
> when goblins came in at A8 and A7 and utterly destroyed my tavern and
> storehouse without warning.
> For towers, from what I've seen a tower on B7 of the mission 1 map and m7
> are quite capable of keeping off the western and eastern attacks as well as
> those from far north at both ends, so it's only necessary to defend the
> center.
> i usually therefore put towers on B7, H7, and m7, which has thus far been
> enough in normal and easy mode.
> I once tried one at B10, but it just didn't seem necessary.
> then again, bare in mind I am always a litle cautious about my knights,
> everytime it seems the goblins are coming at a faster speed I make a new
> knight, meaning when i have a population of 30 or so, I've often got 6 or 7
> of them.
> how the guard towers would fair with just soldiers, or with fewer knights
> i'm not sure.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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