Games we'd like to play.
by Phil Vlasak.
Lone Waffle.
You are the owner of a waffle restaurant that specializes in serving one enormous waffle at each meal. You see one hundred patrons flooding your place, each demanding a different meal.
Meal one:
You stand next to the stove, and as customers walk by, you toss waffles at them.
Meal two:
You need to serve waffles to a table of adults, but their noisy rambunctious kids are running around threatening to knock you over and spilling the plates of waffles. Your mission is to find a way to stop the kids until they slow down so you can get to the adults and sink the plates to the table surface. You are equipped with four waffle firing tubes and a long distance waffle catapult or trebuchet. If you make it through the hundred customers,your ultimate mission is to take your waffles and run, as a giant wave is headed for your town and could possibley flood your place.

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Hi Dark,
I've never understood the whole Lone Wofl classification. Why doesn't it
qualify for the adventure category?

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