in this exciting new stratogy game, you play a group of survivers thrown out of 
their local pub for searing too much. 

As leader of this group of louts, it's your responsability to keep the group 
going by assigning jobs of unpleasant, the person responsable for saying nasty 
things to passers by and forming the bases for all other bad language you may 
wish to build. 

Bunter, the person responsable for backhanding any retors that you may come 
across, letcherman, the person responsable for pulling inuendo from the seas of 
conversation and finally futcher, the personr esponable for creating the 
crudest and most offensive insults. 

Some of your group may become mothers at times too. 

Of course, all this must be supported with an endless supply of brew, and bags 
of crisps, so you must remember not have all your thugs devoted only to 
searing, some must steel as well. 

get unpleasant enough, and you may be thrown out of town and construct your own 
swearing, fighting, drinking tavern out in the woods! 

Though be careful, sinse the armies of civility are always encroaching oon your 
cussedness and only a true dedication to cursing will keep them away. 

Beware the grue! 


Sorry, but when george mentioned custaways, this was an instant idea, pluss I 
freely admit the game of castaways I was playing yesterday had me saying some 
pretty interesting language too.
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