Alex, I was actually working on the code when I noticed your message, so I have 
gone ahead and fixed both of those things.  The typo is corrected and closing a 
construction site will now prevent builders from working on it as well.  Good 

> Hi.
> I am just writing as I have a suggestion for building
> construction in castaways.
> could the close feature be made to apply to buildings being
> built?
> this would be useful, as I frequently find my builders
> carrying on building something, when I would rather they
> revert to peasants, because they can finish the building
> later.
> the problem is, its often easier to leave everyone as
> builders, and being able to close a building mid
> construction would make control of what your people do much
> easier, as at the moment, your builders won't become
> peasants til the building is finished.
> also, I noticed a slight spelling mistake in castaways,
> I think you missed an extra r out of quarry as its
> pronounced quarry, but jaws says quary in the list of
> building choices and whenever the word is used.

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