HI Dark,

True enough. In a 2d side-scroller you were limited in what you could
do wich was go foward, backward, up, or down. Sometimes not even that
much depending on the game and situation. That made traps and
obsticals difficult because there was no way around it except to fight
that boss, successfully jump the trap, or whatever was required to get
passed that barrier. With full blown 3d there is a lot more
maneuverability available to the player such as foward, backward,
left, right, up, or down. This usually gives you more options in
getting around a certain obstical.

For instance, take Monkey Business. At the beginning of the Aztec
temple level Smith must get around a series of acid pits. Smith can
jump them, but its also possible to move carefully along the left and
right edges of the pits while avoiding the falling rocks to get passed
that particular barrier. While it gives you more than one way to get
passed that trap it also offers additional challenges too. The falling
rocks are a pain to avoid if you choose to walk around the acid pits
rather than jump them directly. I don't necessarily think that going
3d makes things easier for the player, but it can add more options and
choices into the mix here.


On 8/14/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> on the matter of difficulty, this is actually a more general trend as well.
> Back in the 80's and 90's, games had to be hard, sinse there couldn't be
> much too them.
> For instance, my favourite game on the amstrad computer was one called
> rowland on the ropes, a maze adventure game in which you explored an
> underground toom, ---- actually a litle like Montizumas revenge, accept that
> rather than traps it  had hundreds of enemies! ghousts, mummies, bats,
> scorpions falling from the cieling, rats, skeletons, even vapires though i
> never got far enough through the game to get to those.
> that game was wreckend as comapratively average difficulty for the time, yet
> the furthest I ever got was to level 4, and that after many hours of
> playing.
> I did once talk to someone in connection with turrican who actually said
> that 3d makes games easier, sinse you can run around obstacles rather than
> having to face them as in 2D. While I don't completely agree, ot after
> seeing the difficulty some of my friends have with games like maximo ghosts
> to glory (which has a similar difficulty and theme to ghouls n ghosts), i do
> slightly see his point.
> Games seem on the hole easier now, and people's expectations the same, which
> I suppose is just a consequence of there being more games produced, and
> there bering the ability to make games longer and have things like
> savepoints.
> beware the grue!
> dark.

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